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Corinne [userpic]

I'm back!

August 28th, 2011 (12:21 am)

current mood: sleepy

So for those of you who still read my journal, but don't follow me on facebook or twitter, I'm not dead, I just had a baby.  A baby which never lets me do things on the computer.  He's completely adorable and maybe sometime next week I'll sit down and post some pictures of him.  His name is Alex and he will be 4 months old on Tuesday! 

So that's what I've been up to. 

Also there's a hurricane coming, which I can't decide if I'm overreacting or underreacting, I've never lived where there are hurricanes before. 

And in trying to catch up on my friends page, I apparently hit the point at which LJ will no longer let me go back - so I've missed quite a bit.  Sorry :( 

I'm going to go try to get some sleep now, because Alex is teething and is not sleeping very much right now. 

Corinne [userpic]

Shoes! (And other stuff)

September 24th, 2010 (09:46 pm)

current mood: ecstatic
current song: Telephone (Glee Cast Version)

Today was a long day.  I had to stay up really late to finish doing work for an independent study (work that I had been doing all week and still took me most of last night argh!).  I was super tired today and really cranky but my day got way better!

So Dan and I are going to a wedding next weekend in Ohio for two of our very close friends.  Dan is actually in the wedding, and the groom was in our wedding. 

So of course, I had to buy a dress.  And shoes.  And probably a purse.  Because most of my nice dress up stuff is for summer, doesn't really fit properly right now, or is actually from high school (a lot of the purses).  And hey, I have Macy's gift cards and a paycheck that I got today so I can be a grown up and buy the perfect dress that I found and the perfect shoes that I found.  

Here is the dress

And here are the shoes

The have bows!  And super high impractical heals!  And points!  And I am so in love with them that I am seriously going to wear them all week (well maybe not, but totally around the house... for breaking in purposes).  

This has made my day so much better.  And paid for with gift cards!!!

I'm still really tired and am probably going to go to bed soon though.  Because I am a little pathetic.  But shoes!

Corinne [userpic]

Back in the Nutmeg State

August 17th, 2010 (11:50 pm)

current mood: sleepy

We just spent over two weeks in Ohio, if anyone missed that.  I think we saw just about everyone that we still talk to while we were there, so yay!  My summer class was cancelled due to low enrollment, so we decided to take a trip back before the school year started.  I started our trip back by going to Chrissy's bachelorette party, which was super fun!  Dan got to end the trip by going to Luke's bachelor party and we arrived home to find the invitation to Chrissy and Luke's wedding in the mail!  Yay!  (The wedding isn't until October, but Chrissy's a teacher and therefore has way more time for parties in the summer). 


Dan's sister Ally is moving to Houston, TX for grad school in Psychology.  She even has classes during the summer so she will be living in Texas for 5 years and only back about twice a year for visits.  We're all extremely proud of her however, and were so glad to get to see her a bit more before she left. 


We also got to spend time with my family for my birthday, which was very fun!  Dad took us to Olive Garden where he had the most amazing potato-encrusted tilapia.  He let me take home the leftovers!  It was so much better than food from the OG should be!  (Not that I don't love Olive Garden, but it's pretty standard middle of the road chain restaurant Italian food.  This fish was amazing - like something you would order at a pricy seafood place).  It was wonderful to get to see everyone!


We got to see Shannon and Dan, who took us out for Sushi and Mini Golf for my birthday (which was totally awesome, thanks guys!!!!).  There is now a sushi restaurant in Grove City!  What is the world coming to?!?  It was pretty good and I enjoyed the "Grove City Roll" that the sushi chef created!  We also got to see several of Dan's friends from high school.  Noah and Heather hosted a barbecue that a bunch of people came to, and then we went to the Feast of the Assumption in Little Italy with Noah and Heather and Ken and Kari!  I had gnocchi and Dan got ravioli and then we had gelato (because it was in the 90s).  Then we got eggplant parm and cassata cake to go since it was super hot outside.  YUM!  One of my favorite August in Parma activities! 


I got to hang out some extra time with my family.  Mom took us to the Dublin Irish Festival, which was awesome!  Free admission if you come before 11am on Sunday.  We went to the Episcopal U2charist which was interesting (not a huge fan of using U2 music in place of liturgical music) but at least we could take communion!  I'm thinking about buying an Irish Flute and got the websites of a couple vendors.  Grandma and Rachel got tired, so Grandma and I went over to Aunt Carol's to take a nap, and Mom took Rachel and her friend Marissa home.  Then mom came back and she and I went to watch the Columbus Police and Fire Pipes and Drums, Irish Step Dancing, and my favorite Irish band - Vinegar Hill!  Totally awesome day!  It was nice to get to spend extra time with Grandma and Rachel during the day, and even though Emily is working full time now, we got to hang out a little bit and we got to go to the gym together! 


We also got to visit with Mandy and Curtis, two of our friends from BG.  We wanted to try to actually make it up to BG but most of the people we would visit were busy or out of town that week, so no dice.  Maybe in January.


As wonderful as it was to see everyone, our schedule was jam packed!  It's nice to be home in our own space with a little more time to take it easy.  Except now we are busy trying to plan our classes for the Fall!  We just got back yesterday and we've been pretty busy running around picking up our held mail, going to the bank and the grocery store and doing laundry and unpacking.  And August is the lean month for us.  We took out all our money for the trip in cash, which helped because we still have a little left.  And we were able to stay under budget at the grocery store!  My goal was to get enough food to feed us until the end of August for under $100 and with sales and coupons we succeeded!  Yay coupons! 


I think it's probably bed time now.  I just took the last of the pumpkin muffins out of the oven (we're visiting Sarah and baby Anna tomorrow and pumpkin muffins are Sarah's favorite) so time to wash up and go to bed. 


Corinne [userpic]


July 22nd, 2010 (03:29 pm)

current mood: frustrated

So.... I have been dropping things.  At an incredible rate. 

It's kind of ridiculous.  And it just cost me a full bag of pita chips.  Argh.  After the 4th thing I dropped this morning my husband finally came over to ask me what was wrong.

His response after I explained "Oh, that's why I kept hearing 'thunk' and then angry noises from you."  Yes, that would be why.  It has continued from there, and the most recent was the pita chips (sadness). 

In other news, I've actually been attempting to get some work done.  And OMG Russia.  Why is it so hard to find data on Russian elections?  Its like they don't want people to know... things.... about..........their country, oh, duh.  Still frustrating.  That and the pita chips. 

Corinne [userpic]

That doesn't sound like a present

July 20th, 2010 (09:08 pm)

current mood: goofy


So my car tried to kill me.  Well, really it blew out a tire on the freeway right before I-84 and I-384 split.  So I was of course in the middle lane (of 5 lanes) to stay on 84, and suddenly I hear this noise, and then smell this smell and suddenly am having a hard time keeping control of my car.  My brain worked enough to go, OMG, my tire is no longer inflated, must get over to side of road.  So I manage to get over through two lanes of traffic, thanks to a very nice man in a large truck who also pulled over after I got over and helped me change the tire.  Yay for the random kindness of strangers! 


Of course there was no way that I was going to be able to get back over to get on 84, especially not driving on a donut.  I took 384 and my wonderful Droid navigation app got me home safely.


Yay, I survived!  And we're going to get my tire replaced and a couple other things fixed on it and all that jazz.


But now I'm kind of scared to drive on the freeway.  I'm sure a couple times without having a tire blow out on me will help, but starting to lose control of your car at 70mph in heavy traffic is pretty terrifying.


Actual Story:

So I can't get a ride from Chris and Sarah to church tomorrow.  Normally not a problem, I can drive myself.  Except my car is not really drivable for long distances at the moment and also I'm kind of scared to drive on the freeway.  Solution: Ask Dan to come to church with me.


So I ask Dan again tonight (I had asked previously because I'm playing flute tomorrow as well).  This resulted in a pretty hilarious conversation.  I present this in dialogue format in case anyone would like to reenact it.  :)


Me: "So will you come to church with me?"


Dan: "Yeah, how else are you going to get there."


Me: "Because I'm afraid that if I drive on the freeway something bad will happen again?"


Dan: "Well, I guess you would take my car, but that doesn't really fix the problem."


Me: "No, the Fear is still there."


Dan: "I was actually thinking you and mornings and that you won't be awake enough to drive."


Me: "No, mostly the Fear.  And the Cougar."




Dan: "I know I already got you a birthday present [my Droid Incredible], but I am totally painting a cougar on the hood of your car for your birthday."


Me: "That doesn't sound like a present."


Dan: "But it is, the greatest present."


Me: "No"  :(


Dan: "Ooookay, but I'm still painting shake 'n' bake on one side and El Diablo on the other."




We're all fine and the car is going to be fixed, but Dan and I are a little nutty.  :)

Corinne [userpic]

PAX East - A long overdue recap

July 20th, 2010 (09:01 pm)

current mood: cheerful

So rewind back to March.  Santa brought Dan and me tickets to PAX East for Christmas, so we splurged on a hotel room and blew off work for a weekend and went to enjoy ourselves! 


We had  a wonderful time!  We got to go to a lot of great panels, we got to go to the Paul and Storm and JoCo concert on Saturday night, which was totally amazing.  We got to meet Wil Wheaton and Mike Krahulik!  Wil Wheaton blessed my dice! We got to play in a Dungeon Delve which was super fun!  We met some really cool people when we were looking for dinner, had dinner with them (Lobster Mac and Cheese = Heaven) and then went and played Rockband with them.


More than any of the really fun stuff we got to do, probably the best part was being around geeky people and feeling totally at home.  We can't wait for next year! 


However, next year, we will probably do a couple things differently...


1.) We will not forget our actual camera and have to buy a new one and then promptly lose it once we get home.  Please see camera drama here.


2.) We will just splurge and stay at the conference hotel, or at least a hotel very close to the conference.  See, on Saturday night, we assumed we could take public transportation back to the hotel.  Or catch a cab.  Because it was in Boston.  That's a big city.  A real city.  It's not like we were trying to catch a cab in Cleveland or something.  Except... the public transit was no longer running.  At 2am!  Seriously! And we could not catch a cab to save our lives.  You know how after a concert lets out and there are cabs everywhere, just lined up, waiting to get paying customers.  Yeah, we didn't have that.  Which was dumb, because there were hundreds of people trying to get cabs.  We tried walking around.  We tried getting a hotel to call a cab for us.  It took us over an hour to get a cab.  So yeah, next year we will be staying someplace within walking distance.  It's worth it to not be wandering around Boston at 2am in March. 


Enjoy some pictures!




Corinne with Wil Wheaton!




During the "Watch Mike and Jerry draw Penny Arcade" Panel.  Mike was having a bit of fun while Jerry talked.  One of the least inappropriate examples of Mike's "going off script."


 Penny Arcade fans know what this is.  Everyone else, just think of him as an extreme juicer :)


Corinne and Dan get to meet Mike!  And he signed our book! 



This is Robert Khoo.  He is responsible for Penny Arcade being something other than some jpegs online.  I eventually worked up my courage and asked him to sign my book. 



One of the questions at the Q&amp;A with Mike and Jerry was who would win an arm wrestling match.  They decided to answer it.  Jerry egged Mike on, Mike didn't want to do it.  Mike won.  Oh sweet delicious irony. 


And it all ended with the final round of the Omegathon.  This year, it was a classic video game relay.  If anything went wrong, they had to restart.  So of course something went wrong.  One team was incredibly far ahead when that thing went wrong.  After the restart, the other team won.

Corinne [userpic]

The Crazy Yogurt Lady

January 20th, 2010 (05:58 pm)

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current mood: amused
current song: Tetris Music

So today Dan and I went to Target for our 10% off day.  We tend to get things like yogurt and morningstar stuff at Target because it has better prices than the grocery store.  We have been at Target for like an hour and a half and finally yogurt is the last thing on our list.  We pull the cart up to the cooler aisle and there is someone already getting yogurt, so we stand there and wait.  This woman opens the door and pulls out a Yoplait yogurt.  She looks at the back.  She replaces the yogurt.  She pulls out an Activia yogurt.  She looks at the back.  She replaces the yogurt.  She pulls out a Yoplait yogurt again.  Looks at the back, replaces the yogurt.  Then she pulls out an Activia yogurt, lather rinse repeat.  She repeated this little ritual no fewer than 3 times.  She finally decided on Activia yogurt and grabs a few of those for her basked.  But then, oh goodness, she spots the Danactive smoothies.  She replaces some of the activia yogurts with the Danactive smoothies.  Every action must be taken with at least a minute of silent, motionless consideration throughout this whole process.  She then appears to be done, so I swoop in to get our yogurt in about a minute.  I get our yogurt and she's back!  Appearing irritated at my consulting Dan on flavor preferences, she hurries as soon as I step back, leaving Dan holding the door.  She doesn't take the cooler door.  Rather, she climbs on the shelves to get another Activia yogurt that is on the back of the top shelf.  Dan is still holding the door.  We are done grocery shopping but I can't leave my husband hostage to the crazy yogurt lady.  After a few minutes she finally decides she's done and we hurry off to get in line.  Of course our check out cashier is confused by the fact that we brought our own bags, despite the fact that Target offers 5 cents off for each reusable bag you bring.  Oh the people that we run into :) 

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Not a proper update...

September 22nd, 2009 (04:29 pm)

current mood: anxious

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday.  Eek, but hopefully the pain will stop.  I will give a proper post once the whole starting school thing calms down.  It's been especially hectic because of all of the interviews for the book chapter I'm doing research for.  But yes, wisdom teeth are coming out.  Hopefully I'll still be good at this whole grad school thing.

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August 16th, 2009 (10:38 am)

current mood: excited

So I got the last part of my birthday present from my husband last night. We had tickets to see Mike Birbiglia in Newport, RI. So we made the 2 hour drive over from Manchester to Newport and spent the afternoon walking around downtown. I thought that there were supposed to be mansions everywhere, but apparently not where we were, because we didn't see any. But we did have a really amazing dinner. I had lobster mac and cheese, which had penne pasta and asiago cheese and soooooooooooo much lobster. It was insanely good and totally worth breaking my diet for. I've decided it was okay because we walked for like three hours yesterday. And then we got to the show, which was in a tent.


So, yeah, this was at the Newport Yachting Center, and whenever I think "yacht" I naturally think rich people, swanky place. Instead, we find a tent. Which Mike Birbiglia made so much fun of, appropriately so. The show was so hilarious. It was a great mix of stuff that I've heard before, and stuff that was new (at least to me). This was the first stop on his new tour, so if you think you might be interested in him, check him out. He's been on NPR's This American Life several times. For anyone who already loves him, get tickets if you don't have them already, it's a great show!! And also, I'm the hulk, I'm the hulk, I'm the hulk. :)  Dan and I got to meet him after the show, and we got a CD signed, which was awesome.  I got all tongue tied and stupid, as usual.  What I should have said was that we also have an unpronounceable Italian name (Tagliarina).  What I actually said was some sort of babbling about how great he is (which is true), and how much I loved him on TAL and The Moth.  

The surprise of the evening was MC Mr. Napkins, the opening act.  He was funny enough to be the main act of a show (although not funnier than birbigs, because, let's face it, there are few things funnier in this world than Mike Birbiglia).  However, he was significantly funnier than the comedian headlining at a major comedy club in Cleveland I saw at a bachelorette party who seemed drunk or high and mostly made jokes about Michael Jackson (I wonder if he's changed his act).  Mr. Napkins is a jewish guy with super curly hair who raps (not too badly actually, and he was pretty good on the CD).  His lyrics are hilarious though, full of lots of word play, which I love.  Dan and I also got to meet Mr. Napkins after the show, and I was able to behave like a more reasonable human being and hold an actual conversation.  But yeah, he's really hilarous, and we got his CD, so if you want to listen, let me know. 

All in all, it was a pretty awesome birthday present! 

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Still unpacking...

August 9th, 2009 (12:24 pm)

current mood: busy

Oh my goodness how do we have so much stuff? We are still unpacking boxes full of papers and notebooks and crap from the last four or 5 years of our lives that we have just accumulated. And I'd just toss it all except I'll be going through a box and then go, oh, I wondered where my birth certificate/high school diploma/other important document was. Glad I found that.

We had been having problems with our Cox internet service, and so we were going to switch to AT&T. Long story short, after spending a lot of time trying to get all of that taken care of, it turns out that getting a sattelite won't work unless we're willing to leave two windows open all the time to run cords through (Um no), and we spent over a week waiting for our DSL to work and Dan had to stay home for three days. By this point, all of the problems with Cox had been worked out, so AT&T - you lose! DSL was less expensive, and Satellite was only slightly more expensive than what we pay now for limited basic cable and waaaaaaaaaay less expensive than extended basic, or digital cable, and we would have gotten 200 channels and a DVR, but I guess it was not to be. Le sigh.

We had some people over, our friends Rob and Shaz to watch Hot Fuzz, which was really really funny. The cats were actually sociable.

Speaking of the cats, they have been insane about wanting to play lately. Any time they see us they want to play and they look at a toy, then at us, then at the toy, as if to say "why isn't this in your hand being swung in front of my face for me to bat at?" It's pretty funny. Lenin has also developed a special meow for saying he wants to play.

Living in Manchester is great, we've gone on a lot of walks lately. Yesterday we didn't feel like working so we went on a 2 hour walk and then came back and Dan fixed my car. Last week, when we had no money, my check engine light came on and the car made funny noises as I was driving to work. I hadn't gotten to the freeway yet, so I turned around and took Dan's car. My car sat in the parking lot, waiting for us to get money in case it was something very bad. I had been noticing some problems accelerating at times, but we were hoping to get it through the summer before something actually went wrong because we already spent like $800 on car repairs for Dan's car this summer and had no savings left.

Then, this week, we got our security deposit back from our old apartment. We had money to get my car repaired!!! So we took it to autozone to get the code checked and got the readings. Cylinder 2 misfire. So then Dan called his Dad who can do almost anything on cars and he suggested some things to try. After a couple calls back and forth after doing various things, he figured it was probably a bad spark plug wire. So we went off to autozone to buy new wires. My role in all of this: I watched, I described the problems with driving that I had noticed, and Dan taught me how to remove, adjust, and put back my spark plugs. Yay for having a working car again (and for under $50).

Dan and I are going back to Ohio for a short visit at the end of August (2 days with each family), which will be nice.

Dan's class is going really well, he only has three students right now but they're really good. He's busy preparing for his fall class, which he's pretty excited about. I'm doing advising again in the fall, which will be nice, and I'm also going to try to take four classes instead of three, because I like to make things difficult for myself. We're both trying to get stuff done before the school year starts.

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